Energy Saving Windows

Energy Saving WindowsEnergy-Saving Windows and Doors by Four Seasons Home Products are designed and engineered to exceed the toughest building and energy codes and are manufactured to exceed the toughest standards -- your expectations.

Beautiful Energy-Saving Windows When designing products for you and your family, Four Seasons never sets out to meet a minimum requirement, but to exceed the most demanding needs and desires. To that end, Four Seasons uses only the most advanced technology and the strongest and most durable materials available in the manufacture of its Energy-Saving Windows and Doors.

For your protection and to ensure the durability of the vinyl window frame and sash, Energy-Saving Windows by Four Seasons utilize the maximum amount of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) in its windows. This TiO2 provides superior UV protection and impact resistance for you and your family's safety and security. Then, for added strength and durability, Four Seasons Energy-Saving Windows utilize the thickest extrusion (80 mil) web with the most individual air chambers (for outstanding insulation capability) to build window frames and sashes that are strong, durable and supremely energy efficient.

These thick, strong, durable, efficient extrusions are further strengthened by adding a hot-dipped galvanized steel insert in the vinyl window sash for your security. And if that's not enough, you can even opt to add steel inserts in the vinyl window frame itself. Clearly, Energy-Saving Windows by Four Seasons have been designed to exceed your expectations in all the areas important to you including safety, security, durability, low maintenance and energy-efficiency.

Additional safety and security features include:

  • Internal glazing beads to prevent insulated glass removal from exterior
  • "Pocket" sills so burglars can't easily "jimmy" your windows open
  • Spring-loaded night latch limiters to enable ventilation while limiting the opportunity for human ingress
  • Dual positive action (PAL) locks that automatically lock the windows when closed
  • Double-strength glass for safety, security and durability
  • High Design Pressure (DP) ratings that validate the windows' outstanding performance

Additional comfort, convenience, durability and aesthetic features that set Four Seasons replacement windows above the competition include:

  • Full screen tracks to securely hold your screens in place even during high winds
  • Extruded screen frames with durable metal corner keys (as opposed to roll formed screens with fragile plastic corner keys) for superior strength and durability
  • Guaranteed-for-life tilt mechanisms are made from the same material as football helmets and riot shields for maximum durability and ease of use
  • Constant force balance systems using stainless steel springs, nylon parachute cord, steel shoes and pivot pins that have a life expectance three times that of our competitors
  • Multiple colors and wood grain foils to match your home and decor
  • Clean-cut shadow grooves at all mitered welds that create a pleasing aesthetic architectural detail

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